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Lincat Categories

We manufacture and stock a wide selection of oven ranges, hobs, combi steamers, fryers, griddles and grills, as well as hot cupboards, water boilers, food display merchandisers and ventilation canopies.

Electric Twin Tank Built In Fryers


We offer a wide variety of fryers across prestigious, high quality brands like FriFri, Lynx 400 and Opus 800

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Purple Head On

High Speed Ovens

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Phoenix Induction Range Phe8001 Right4111 290 204

Ranges, Ovens and Hobs

Our ranges, ovens and hobs category covers everything from powerful boiling tops to energy efficient induction hobs.

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1  Chargrills

Grills, Griddles and Chargrills

From delicious toasties to the perfect Full English Breakfast, welcome to our Grills, Griddles and Chargrills category.

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1  Heated Merchandisers

Holding and Servery

Our holding and servery products are all designed to ensure that your perfectly prepared, delicious dishes stay that way until service.

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1  Bratt Pans

Pasta Cookers and Bratt Pans

Our pasta boilers are incredibly versatile. It goes without saying that they boil perfect pasta every time, whatever the variety.

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Filter Flow Combined Water Boiler And Chiller 290 205

Water Boilers

Our range of water boilers are designed to make tea breaks much quicker and most importantly easier.

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1 Wall Cupboards

Kitchen Furniture

Complete your kitchen design with these sturdy, hygienic and easy to clean essential pieces.

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F63 501 01

Cleaning and Rinsing

Meet stringent hygiene standards and save valuable staff time, with effective cleaning and rinsing solutions.

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F76 270 B 01

Bar Systems and Refrigeration

Keep food and drink at their optimum temperature, with energy-efficient refrigeration solutions.

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1 Veg Prep

Vegetable Prep

Prepare a high volume of vegetables at speed with IMC's vegetable preparation solutions.

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F79 100 02

Waste Management

Create a cleaner, safer working environment and save time and money, by investing in efficient waste management equipment.

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1 Ventilation

Ventilation and Recirculation

Create a safer, more comfortable and productive working environment with ventilation and recirculation systems.

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