Enhance the taste and appearance of drinks with Frostar glass frosters.

Nothing beats a cocktail or beer served in an ice cold, frosted glass. Frostar frosters ensure rapid cooling and frosting of all type of glasses.

The perfect partner for any busy bar setting, Frostar frosters chill glasses to -17°C to keep drinks colder for longer, removing the need for ice, which dilutes taste. This makes them the ideal choice for cocktails, beers and champagne. With a top-loading design, they enable staff to deliver high-quality, ice cold beverages quickly and efficiently.

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Serve perfectly-presented, great-tasting drinks with speed with Frostar glass frosters.

Benefits at a glance

  • Chills and frosts glasses to add visual appeal to drinks
  • Rapid cooling to -17°C
  • Precise temperature control
  • Stylish exterior design
  • Large capacity
  • Quick and easy access to glasses

Ideally suited for…

Frostar glass frosters are available in various sizes with a choice of exterior finishes, making them the ideal solution for a range of bar settings

Pubs & Bars

Want to keep customers coming back? Serve drinks that look fantastic and taste great. Frostar frosters deliver ice cold glasses that enhance visual appeal and keep beverages colder for longer.


Complement a strong food menu with sensational cocktails and ice cold beers. Make sure they are perfectly-presented and taste great with Frostar.