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Products within the Lincat brand are designed to fulfill a specific requirement in your kitchen. Built for purpose, the pizza ovens, convection ovens, toasters and induction hobs deliver great results every time and make the cooking process in your kitchen a lot smoother.

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Increase efficiency in your kitchen or back bar overnight with the IMC range of food preparation, waste management, bar systems and refrigeration. With the power to reduce costly wage bills and improve staff utilisation, the range is all about high performance at low operating costs.

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The FriFri brand has been delivering top quality fryers for over 70 years. They ensure perfectly crispy and succulent chips and other fried food, every time. This smart, advanced range offers accuracy as well as efficiency, and delivers high output from a minimal footprint.

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Create a safe, clean and efficient kitchen environment, with Britannia ventilation and recirculation solutions. Help remove smoke and odours for a more comfortable working kitchen.

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The focus of speed ovens generally tends to be on heating food as quickly as possible, this can have a detrimental effect on the food quality. CiBO+, unlike any other high-speed oven on the market, utilises a unique, patent-pending tri-heat technology. Microwave, TurboAir, and ContactBase, combined deliver unrivaled quality, speed, and consistency. Cooking in seconds, not minutes without compromise on the quality of food delivered. 

The unique Tri-Heat technology is game-changing in terms of the quality of the cook it delivers. A rear launched microwave with a stirrer brings speed to the cooking process. TurboAir distributes high-speed airflow in a cylindrical pattern over the food for fast even colouration. Adjustable temperature control, rapid heat up, and direct cooking on the toughened neo ceram ContactBase delivers perfect base colouration and crispiness - there are no soggy bottoms with CiBO+! Our technology ensures quality is not compromised for speed, we wanted both in our design

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