Our counter top pasta cookers can be used for anything from boiling an egg, heating sauce pouches, for the sous vide cooking of vacuum packed items, and even pre-packed portions of frozen rice. The controlled boiling abilities of each pasta cooker ensures that pasta is perfect time after time, and is suitable for all types of pasta — regardless of the pasta shape and if it's fresh/dried. The Opus 800 series free standing pasta cooker like the FriFri free standing unit is plumbed to a water and waste supply for added convenience, as well as ease of use. This unit in particular gives larger pubs and restaurants the versatility to use it for a number of different purposes, saving valuable space and reducing equipment costs. The FriFri Super Easy Pasta Cooker uses a grade 316 stainless steel, which has been designed to ensure longer life in the harshest of conditions. Its built-in starch removal system ensures that water is kept fresh. For these reasons and more, the FriFri Super Easy Pasta 311 electric free standing pasta cooker will continue to be a favourite amongst experienced chefs and independent kitchens, who appreciate the quality and performance of FriFri.