Dry heat round pots bains marie are perfect for maintaining sauces, soups gravy and precooked foods for up to two hours at the optimum serving temperature. Their size and structure makes them ideal for all catering establishments from fish and chips shops that need to contain curry sauce, peas, beans and mushy peas, to restaurants holding sauces, gravy, soups and more. The dry heat bains marie heats up its contents much quicker than a wet bains marie can do, simply because the container is being directly heated rather than being diffused through water. This unit also consumes less energy, due to there being no need to heat up water. This in turn leads to other benefits, such as being easier to move as they don't contain heated water and being easier to clean overall. The Silverlink 600 series, due to its size, is ideally suited for restaurants, takeaways, mobile caterers, whereas the Lynx 400 is extremely portable, meaning that it can be brought out as and when required, making it great for event catering.