It may be invisible to customers but they’ll see the difference in faster service, less harassed staff and an all-round better atmosphere.

Bartender provides an exciting opportunity to develop a dynamic, versatile and exciting under bar system. Configured to maximise staff productivity and efficiency – and therefore turnover of customers – Bartender boosts sales and improves profits.

The bar-workstation concept is unique to IMC and epitomised in Bartender. From draught pumps to cocktail ingredients, glasses to cash till, everything is ergonomically positioned to minimise movement of bar staff and maximise serving speed and efficiency.

Stainless steel is not only the most stylish solution available for an under bar system. It’s also the most practical. Easy to clean and maintain, it can take the knocks in the busiest bars and stay looking pristine.

Central to the successful use of Bartender is the IMC concept of creating compact self-contained workstations. Each area then has everything required by individual bar staff, so they are instantly more efficient and productive. Keep this philosophy in mind when planning a Bartender bar, as it will help you reduce staff costs and boost sales.

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Ergonomically equip bar staff to serve drinks in the most efficient way.

Benefits at a glance

  • Configured to maximise staff productivity and efficiency
  • Boosts sales and improves profits
  • A wide range of work stations, modules and accessories are available to meets all your needs
  • Easy to clean and robust stainless steel construction
  • Ensures your bar area conforms to Food Safety Regulations

Ideally suited for…

Speed up service and generate customer satisfaction with efficient service in a variety of settings

Pubs & Bars

Speed up service and generate customer satisfaction with efficient service.


Enhance your customers’ dining experience by serving high-quality drinks alongside delicious food.


Attract customers in your hotel’s bar with cocktails and great service!