Chris Jones promoted to Group Managing Director

Chris Jones, Managing Director of Lincat, will embark on a new role today when he also takes over the reins of fellow Middleby companies IMC and Britannia. Chris’s appointment follows the departure of Steve Witt last month.

Chris commented:

“It’s been a fantastic first year at the helm of Lincat and I’m immensely proud of everything we have achieved. My next challenge is to grow sales and profits at IMC and Britannia through the development of new products, the expansion into new markets and an increase in market share. I’m excited about my new role and what the future holds for IMC and Britannia.”

Najib Maalouf, European Managing Director of Middleby Corporation, Lincat and IMC’s parent company, commented:

“Middleby and I are thankful for Steve’s contributions. He was instrumental in introducing leading solutions such as the Waste Station, in developing new markets for IMC and in consolidating Britannia with IMC. I will miss him and do wish him well.

“Middleby has heavily invested in and will continue to support IMC as it scales its food and solid waste management solutions.

“Under Chris Jones, Lincat has made great strides. I am pleased to see a marked progress in all organs of this company and look forward to the introduction of their innovative equipment.”


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