Published on: January 31, 2022

Lincat has added a new hot hold product to its Panther range. The unit has been developed in response to customer requests and market conditions.

Reducing customer wait times and food waste, the new hot hold unit enables kitchens to cook food in advance of busy periods and then to keep it warm and in perfect serving condition. Food also doesn’t go to waste if it is not sold immediately.

Helen Applewhite, Marketing Manager for Lincat and IMC brands, said:

“We’ve developed the HHB12100 in partnership with end-users and our partner network to meet the demands of the ever-changing business environment.

“During the development process our primary focus wasn’t on hot holding, it was on quality. We became obsessed with maintaining the texture and flavours of the food being held. We wanted proteins to retain moisture and for fried food to remain crispy.

“The hot hold unit is ideal for all sorts of pre-cooked hot foods, including breakfast items, grilled and roasted meats, sauces such as curry and Bolognese, and steamed or roasted vegetables.

“With two independently controlled levels and able to accommodate a variety of pans sizes from GN1/1 to GN2/4, our hot hold unit is also all about flexibility. The easy-access open design speeds up service.”

Intuitive digital controls allow the operator to adjust the temperature for each zone ensuring each bin is kept at the optimum temperature to keep food in peak condition. During quieter periods one zone can be switched off saving energy.

Despite its compact footprint at 450mm wide, the HHB12100 will accommodate two GN1/1 pans. Alternatively, dividers are available as an accessory enabling the unit to be set up to accommodate 1 x GN1/1 and 2 x GN2/4 or 4 x GN2/4. The unit plugs into a standard 13 Amp socket so requires no installation.

A hygienic stainless steel construction makes the hot holding unit robust and easy to clean.

As with all Lincat products sold in the UK, the HHB12100 will be supplied with comprehensive, two-year parts and labour warranty.