Published on: May 13, 2019

Lincat has redesigned its popular Silverlink 600 V6 oven to enable it to be used with a choice of three Silverlink 600 induction hob tops.

The move has been prompted by customer demand, as Helen Applewhite, Marketing Manager of Lincat Ltd, explains…

“Our plug-in 3kW V6 oven (which is available in four variants) is a popular solution for pubs, cafés, care homes and community centres. Able to suite with our Silverlink 600 range, it offers power, efficiency and can comfortably accommodate 2/3 gastronorms.

“Our SLI induction hobs are incredibly popular too, due to their energy efficiency, ability to suite, performance and robust construction. But until now, it has not been possible to use them together because of the induction hob’s sensitive electronics.

“Now, by re-routing the oven’s hot air vent away from the induction hob’s cooling fan intake, our research and development team has found a solution whereby the the two can be used together.”

The Silverlink 600 V6 is available with a stainless steel or glazed door, and as a static oven or fan assisted. Each oven is supplied with two removable shelves, which can be placed in four positions.

There are three compatible Silverink 600 induction hob tops – a single heat zone, a twin heat zone and a concave surface for wok cooking. Each delivers almost twice the power of a similarly rated gas hob, whilst saving energy.