Published on: June 8, 2020

Lincat has added a new, feature-packed mobile hand wash station to its IMClean range. The unit has been developed in a bid to help businesses and organisations fight Covid-19.

With enhanced water control, a spacious trough sink and an easy-to-fill, high-capacity tank, the F63/502 is perfect for organisations looking for a simple, hygienic and cost-effective way to provide additional hand wash facilities for staff and visitors.

Helen Applewhite, Marketing Manager for IMC and Lincat brands, said:

“We’ve developed the F63/502 following extensive research and customer feedback, so it’s exciting to see it launch. Given the current climate, we wanted to take our mobile hand wash station offer to the next level and create a new unit that is rich in useful features.

“The F63/502 gives users better control of water dispense, whilst a larger trough sink provides more space to wash hands. We’ve also introduced a top-fill feature, making it simpler for the unit to be replenished with water. I really believe there is no better mobile hand wash station on the market and due to benefitting from group purchasing, we are able to produce it at a really great price.”

The F63/502 features a high-capacity, 20-litre tank, which is double the capacity of most models currently available. The foot-operated pump allows the user to dispense just the required amount of warm running water with no need for hand contact with the tap, therefore maximising hygiene.

The unit dispenses up to 100ml of water per foot press, delivering 200 dispenses of water from one full tank. The increased capacity means the hand wash needs refilling less frequently, freeing up staff to get on with other jobs, and when it does, the tank is easily accessible from the top.

The larger size of the trough sink allows for more space to wash hands, keeping the top of the unit cleaner for longer without the usual water splashes everywhere. When it does require cleaning, its sleek shape simplifies the process.

As with all the mobile hand wash stations in the IMClean range, the F63/502 is more than just a sink. With its splashback, soap dispenser and paper towel holder, as well as the optional waste bin ring, it is a fully mobile, all-in-one compact solution which can be located anywhere.

A separate internal waste collection tank holds the waste water, removing the need for drainage. The waste tank is also easy to remove and accessed from the front so once the station is in place, there is no need to move it, unless you want to.

A robust and hygienic stainless steel construction, large wheels and a handle make the hand wash station quick and easy to manoeuvre.

The IMC Mobile Hand Wash Station is available now.