Published on: December 18, 2023

Lincat has compiled a range of ‘Green’ equipment making it easier for customers to access sustainable solutions.

The new Green range brings together equipment in the Lincat portfolio which use less oil, offer energy and/or labour savings, reduce food waste, faster cooking, increased food yield and/or transport savings.

Paul Godfrey, Sales and Marketing Director for Lincat said:

“The Hospitality industry has historically had a negative impact and reputation on the environment through energy and water consumption, and the use of consumable goods. With growing environmental awareness, evolving legislations, net zero carbon targets and increasing energy prices we realised one way to help our distribution partners was to highlight all the great products we have in our portfolio which can support their customers.”

Highlights of the new Green range include the IMC WasteStation Compact macerator and dewaterer, the award winning CiBO+ high speed oven, FriFri Touch fryers and the Panther hot holding bins. All of these are new innovations brought to market in the last couple of years.

As well as providing sustainable equipment solutions, equally important to Lincat is reducing its own carbon footprint and the impact it has on the environment as a manufacturer. Practices now in place include the reuse and recycling of factory waste meaning zero waste is sent to landfill, as well as the sourcing of quality and reliable components from UK or European based suppliers wherever possible, for longevity of equipment and reduced carbon miles.

Lincat manufacture all equipment in their purpose built facility in Lincoln, meaning UK based customers can be confident their purchase will have clocked up minimal carbon miles on its journey to them!