Published on: July 13, 2021

With awareness growing of the environmental damage sending food waste to landfill is causing Lincat has launched the next generation of its popular IMC WasteStation Compact. To help establishments with their fight against food waste, the Waste Station 2 offers double the capacity and speed of the original version plus it can now handle ‘tougher’ medium waste.

For establishments up to medium-sized restaurants, pubs, cafes and care homes, the IMC WasteStation Compact 2 will reduce food waste volume by up to 80%. To put this into context for every five wheelie bins an organisation would normally fill, the IMC WasteStation Compact 2 will reduce this to just one!

Helen Applewhite, Marketing Manager for Lincat and IMC brands, said:

“The compact footprint and exterior look of the IMC WasteStation Compact are the only elements of the WasteStation Compact which have remained the same! Under the calm exterior the IMC WasteStation Compact 2 will now handle twice as much waste and is twice as fast as the original.

“From our own extensive research, we believe there is no other combined macerator and dewaterer system of a similar compact footprint on the market. At 900mm high, 600mm wide and 700mm deep it is barely any larger than a standard under counter fridge. With kitchens getting smaller and space at a premium we are excited to launch our new model which can now handle a tougher level of waste.”

Odours from food waste can be a great challenge to establishments, to combat this the self-cleaning auto rinse starts when the WasteStation is inactive for eight minutes to prevent any build-up of food and the associated odours this can bring. A hygienic stainless steel construction makes the WasteStation robust and easy to clean.

Food waste typically represents 40% of total commercial catering waste of this 77% is liquid. The macerator inside the IMC WasteStation Compact grinds the food waste into fine particles before moving to the dewaterer where it is spun at high speeds forcing the excess liquid out. The resulting solid faction is collected in a small lidded bin for onward processing. Onward processes can include in-vessel composting or production of compressed pellets for biofuels.

Available in single phase (F79/701) as well as three phase (F79/703), the WasteStation can be used in establishments that were never designed to be used for commercial catering.

The IMC WasteStation Compact 2 is supplied with a full waste audit, site survey and full training. As with all Lincat products sold in the UK, the WasteStation Compact 2will be supplied with comprehensive, two-year parts and labour warranty.

The IMC WasteStation Compact 2 is now available to purchase from Lincat. For more information, please see