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Scarborough Spa1

Lincat takes centre stage at Scarborough Spa Theatre

Scarborough Spa Theatre has been hosting the Scarborough Orchestra since 1620. Situated on the South bay, the Spa has a host of restaurants, coffee shops & banqueting for weddings for up to 600 people. The venue also hosts a variety of music & comedy events. They looked at Lincat Combi Ovens to help them cater to large numbers.

Dale Simpson, Head Chef at Scarborough Spa said... “We're very excited about the new units. The control panel is easy to use, and makes it simple to set up cooking programmes, so we're very happy. With the large numbers we cater for, consistency is important, so being able to set up a programme for menu items ensures we get the same great results every time. From a safety perspective, I really like the two-step safety handle, meaning the steam can be released before the door is fully opened.”



  • Intuitive and easy to use with the SmartTouch® touch display
  • Easier for staff to use with the SmartChef® automatic cooking
  • Ability to deliver in a demanding environment
  • Improved consistency and repeatable results
  • Memory of 500 recipes
  • Increased menu options available
  • Easy end of shift cleaning


Replacing two existing 20 grid combi ovens

The Solution

Two Lincat Combi Ovens - LC120B


Evening Meals

Banqueting for up to 600 people

Food types

Roasted meats, steamed vegetables, baking for desserts and pastries

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