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WasteStation Compact helps Portland College

Helping Portland College to meet their recycling goals, with a WasteStation Compact to reduce the volume of their food waste.

Portland College is an education establishment specialising as a vibrant national college for people with a wide range of disabilities. Situated in 20 acres of the Sherwood Forest with around 270 students aged 16 – 60 and 300 plus staff. The college aim to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the overall weight and volume of food waste, with the intention for this to be sent for onward processing, and used for composting.

David Powney, Catering Manager at Portland College said... “The WasteStation Compact delivers the capability to meet our recycling goals. The machine is well designed, robust and has an automatic internal cleaning function. It is small enough to fit in any commercial kitchen, and can handle the busiest of operations. As more than 80% of food waste is water, the volume to landfill is greatly reduced, or if composted via in-vessel can be recycled.

An added bonus is that only water will be flushed into the drainage system saving valuable time and expenditure on blocked waste pipes, and is far more environmentally friendly.”

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  • Compact footprint
  • Remove excess water from food waste, reducing the volume
  • Reduce carbon footprint by reducing the volume of food waste being sent to landfill
  • Self-cleaning
  • Visual control panel with simple LED display allows monitoring of the state of the unit during operation, even in a busy kitchen
  • Maximise kitchen hygiene - fully enclosed system


To achieve 360 degree cycle from field to fork and back again

The Solution

WasteStation Compact 2


Macerate general plated food waste and vegetable prep waste

Further value

Reduce waste being sent to landfill

Supplement horticulture department's growing capabilities by composting resulting solid waste

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