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Cannon Hall Farm relies on Lincat

Cannon Hall Farm relies on Lincat Clam Griddles to provide customers with quality food

Cannon Hall Farm is a working farm, once a home of the Cannon Hall, which is now a museum. The farm includes a growing number of places to visit and enjoy, including an adventure playground, farm shop, gift and toy shop, restaurant and even a new 150 seater dog café. The farm itself raises its own sheep, goats, and pigs. It has become the perfect day out for families of all ages and even appears on the tv and social media platforms with live updates from the two owners and their happy animals.

Paul, Head Chef at The White Bull Restaurant, Cannon Hall Farm said... “The key thing for myself and our restaurant is speed. We are busy from opening to closing, so being able to cook a variety of food quickly gives us the ability to provide customers with quality, cooked produce, with a fast turnaround. The precise temperature control gives us the flexibility to cook a wide range of products throughout the day.

We like to buy British and we know we can rely on the Lincat clam griddles, and other Lincat equipment, as we have always had a good relationship with the company, and have multiple Lincat cooking solutions. ”

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  • Cook food up to three times as quickly as a standard griddle
  • Heat from above and below locks in flavour and reduces shrinkage of meat
  • Digital time for each clam plate ensures repeatable results
  • Precise thermostatic control for consistent results and economical operation


Due to restrictions on site, only electric equipment can be used

The Solution

Lincat Opus 800 Clam Griddle OE8210


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Used from morning to night

Food types

Bacon, sausage, eggs, toast

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