Published on: June 29, 2020

Lincat has reached out to its distribution partners with a number of ground-breaking initiatives designed to help them return to profitability.

The SOS Lifeline package includes a wide range of measures designed to give Lincat’s partners a competitive edge, enabling them to secure business at this incredibly tough time.

Paul Godfrey, Sales and Marketing Director at Lincat, explains:

“As we are all too painfully aware, the hospitality sector has been one of the hardest hit as a result of lockdown. Whilst Lincat has been able to remain fully operationally, we appreciate many of our distribution partners have had no choice but to shut.

“It is not in our business model to sell direct to end users. Instead, we have a fantastic network of loyal distribution partners who are an incredibly important part of our business. We wanted to reach out and support them whilst they try to restart their businesses.”

Lincat has developed its SOS Lifeline initiatives following a two-month period of phone calls and Zoom meetings with partners to establish their challenges and any areas they felt Lincat could add value.

Paul adds:

“We are confident we have a water-tight, comprehensive package of support. Each of our distribution partners have been presented with a personalised set of initiatives to best support them. As the world reopens, we will work closely with our partners to monitor the support we are providing.”

During the pandemic Lincat has developed a number of products to help organisations, especially in the public sector, become Covid-19 secure. The manufacturer has produced and launched four new mobile hand wash stations, including a reduced height version for nurseries and schools, as well as a station that dispenses hand sanitising liquid.