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Whatever your kitchen needs, you’ll find a solution with the Lincat range of specialist, built-for-purpose products.

The Lincat range of products are built for specific applications, so if you have a particular need for your kitchen, you’re sure to find the right product for you.

The range includes pizza ovens, convection ovens, toasters and induction hobs, among others. Each product within the range is made with care, delivering great results time after time.

Ideally suited for...

Given the variety of products within the Lincat range, there are a range of establishments that could benefit from their specific functions, including:

Larger Cafe Bars


Are you looking for products to produce sumptuous snacks for your cafe? The Lincat range includes pizza ovens to recreate the authentic Italian taste.



Looking to produce delicious evenly baked breads and cakes. You’ll find the the perfect solution with the Lincat convection oven range.



The Lincat range offers conveyor toasters capable of making over 300 slices of perfectly crunchy toast, through to food warming drawers to keep your dishes at the optimum temperature.



The Lincat Table Top Induction Hobs feature a lightweight and portable plug in design to offer the ultimate versatility.

Looking for a specific solution for your kitchen? You’re sure to find it with the Lincat range of built-for-purpose products.

Benefits at a glance

  • Specific functionality
  • Designed-for-purpose
  • Front and back of house applications

Grills, Griddles and Chargrills
> Toasters

Our toasters are great for toast and other bakery items too, such as teacakes and burger buns.

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1  Food Warming Drawers

Holding and Servery
> Food Warming Drawers

Keep your baked goods and meats succulently moist for up to one hour.

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1 Sink Units

Kitchen Furniture
> Sink Units

Maximise your kitchen workflow with single or double, left hand and right hand sinks.

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1 Wall Benches And Cetnre Tables

Kitchen Furniture
> Wall Benches and Centre Tables

A strong, reliable preparation surface designed to withstand the pressures of a busy commercial kitchen.

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1 Wall Cupboards

Kitchen Furniture
> Wall Cupboards

Store kitchen essentials in a hygienic way with our wall cupboards.

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1 Wall Shelf

Kitchen Furniture
> Wall Shelves

Robust shelves that are ideal for pots, pans, containers and utensils.

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Co133 M Right

Ranges, Ovens and Hobs
> Convection Ovens

Baking and roasting is a breeze with the convection oven.

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Induction Hobs

Ranges, Ovens and Hobs
> Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are almost twice as energy efficient as gas hobs, and they cook quickly.

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Pizza Ovens

Ranges, Ovens and Hobs
> Pizza Ovens

Transport yourself to Naples with the authentic crisp taste of pizza.

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1 Fume Filtration Units

Ventilation and Recirculation
> Fume Filtration Units

Fume filtration units are designed to reduce grease deposits and remove cooking odours to create a clean and fresh working environment.

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Manual Fill Water Boilers

Water Boilers
> Manual Fill Water Boilers

A constant flow of boiling water, whenever you need it. Tea time just got easier.

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