Published on: March 21, 2017

Lincat has introduced three powerful, high efficiency gas chargrills as part of its new Opus 800 range of heavy-duty catering equipment.

The innovative design of their infra-red ceramic plaque burners produces intense heat output from relatively low kW input, resulting in outstanding cooking performance and energy efficiency.

Capable of achieving temperatures of up to 800oC, as compared to the 400oC of a traditional chargrill with tubular burners, they use up to 40% less gas. This is because they don’t have to operate on their highest setting to achieve the optimum cooking temperature.

Their capacity to produce more heat is not wasted however since, at the highest 800oC setting, the chargrill will clean itself. They also offer extremely fast heat up – 10 minutes as compared to the 20 minutes required by a traditional chargrill.

Flexibility is provided by multiple heat zones which can be operated separately. These enable users either to create a heat gradient across the cooking area, or to turn sections off during quiet periods to save energy. The heat radiants, which shield each burner, have been designed to deliver the optimum amount of flaring to produce a delicious chargrilled taste. “Chargrilled food and healthier options continue to grow in popularity,” said Helen Applewhite, Marketing Manager of Lincat Ltd. “Our high output gas chargrills can help businesses to widen their menu, increase their output and reduce their operating costs – without the need for messy charcoal or lava rock.”

All of the new models are supplied as counter-top units but can be mounted on optional floor stands. They are equipped with reversible branding grids, heavy-duty radiant caps to protect the burners, and flame failure protection. A branding grid scraper and cleaning spatula are supplied as standard. Based in Lincoln in the UK, Lincat manufactures products for cooking, holding and food display, which are supplied to commercial kitchens of every kind across the globe. In addition to Opus 800, Lincat’s brands include: Opus Combi Steamers, Silverlink 600, Lynx 400, FriFri, FilterFlow, Panther and Seal. Products are sold in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors. Lincat Ltd is a member company of the Middleby Corporation.