Published on: January 11, 2018

FriFri have added a high capacity, twin-tank 622 free standing fryer to each of its Super Easy, Basic + and Vision ranges. Each is capable of producing over 60kg of chips or fried food per hour.

Two of the new fryers – the Basic+ 622 and the Vision 622 – were previously available as built-in models. A free standing 622 has also been added to the Super Easy range. All three have been produced in direct response to customer demand, which was brought to FriFri’s attention by their largest German dealer, Blümchen AG. Helen Applewhite, Marketing Manager for FriFri, said…

“Originally developed in Switzerland, FriFri fryers continue to be popular in Europe and, particularly, in Germany. When Blümchen told us that their customers were asking for free-standing versions of our 622 in-built fryers, our research and development team set to work. The new fryers offer the function and performance of their built-in counterparts in a robust, free standing format.”

The budget Super Easy 622 is a high performance fryer, with a hinged heating element and two tilt positions. Temperature, in the range of 90-195°C, is set by rotary control knob in 10oC increments, and is precisely maintained to +/-5% by a mechanical thermostat. A two-stage filtration kit and xFri© oil pump are available as an option.

The mid-range Basic+ 622 features a unique high performance vertically coiled element. Temperature can be set in 5oC increments which, thanks to highly responsive digital electronic temperature control, can be precisely maintained to +/-1%. Together these ensure high product output and extended oil life.

The professional Vision 622 features an intuitive touchpad control. This allows the temperature to be set in 1oC increments from 30 to 190°C for more accurate cooking. Sophisticated programming, including 19 pre-set programs, makes it easy to select and assign menu items from the simple digital display.

Adaptive cooking technology automatically adjusts the cooking time to suit batch quantity, virtually eliminating the risk of human error. LiftFri© basket lifts can be specified too, to lower and raise the baskets automatically, at the beginning and end of the cooking program.

Both the Basic+ and Vision fryers feature a fat melt cycle and two-stage filtration as standard. The fat melt cycle is provided for the safe, gentle heating of solid fats and oil. The two-stage gravity filtration system helps to extend the life of cooking oil. An xFri© oil pump, to return the filtered oil to the tank, is available as an option. A stand-by feature reduces energy usage during quiet periods.

Winfried Buron, CSO of Blümchen AG, said…

“FriFri fryers are powerful and well-built – a great favourite with our customers throughout Germany. We are pleased that the FriFri team have responded so positively to our request for freestanding versions of the 622. We are confident that they’ll be adopted quickly large operations who are looking for high output, strong construction and reliable performance.” World renowned for its extremely high specification, the FriFri range comprises free-standing, built-in and counter-top fryers, all manufactured to the very highest standards in a number of power and voltage variants. The range also includes chip scuttles, pasta cookers and high efficiency gas fryers.

FriFri is manufactured at Middleby’s centre of manufacturing excellence at Lincat’s factory in Lincoln, in the UK, where the majority of FriFri products and components are also held in stock and carry a comprehensive two-year parts warranty.