Published on: January 12, 2017

A combined water boiler and chiller has been added to the new range of FilterFlow automatic water boilers with on-board filtration. Designed to produce a continuous supply of filtered hot and chilled water, the new EB3FX/HC is both convenient and space saving.

In terms of output, it can produce 28 litres of hot and 12 litres of chilled high quality filtered water per hour. The temperature of the hot water can be adjusted, within the range of 70oc to 98oc, to suit requirements. As such, it provides the flexibility, for example, to offer green and white teas at 71oC, or hot water at 98oC for black tea and coffee.

Helen Applewhite, Marketing Manager of Lincat Ltd, explains…

“Our innovative FilterFlow combined water boiler and chiller is ideal where space is limited. With a narrow footprint of just 250mm, it is perfect for outlets of any size. A continuous supply of hot, filtered water for great tasting drinks is a must have for any organisation. High quality filtered chilled water, on tap, can eliminate the need to source and store bottled water. Early feedback suggests that this is a winning combination.”

The EB3FX/ HC is part of Lincat’s new generation of FilterFlow water boilers which are easier to use, cheaper to run and simpler to maintain than their predecessors. Like other models in the range, the EB3FX/ HC features intuitive colour touchscreen displays, longer life filters, improved diagnostics and innovative energy saving features.

Based in Lincoln in the UK, Lincat manufactures products for cooking, holding and food display, which are supplied to commercial kitchens of every kind across the globe. Lincat’s brands include: Opus Combi Steamers, Opus 800, Silverlink 600, Lynx 400, FriFri, FilterFlow, Panther and Seal. Products are sold in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors. Lincat Ltd is a member company of the Middleby Corporation.