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Built In Fryers

We have a fryer to suit every application and purpose in our FriFri range, perfect whether you need a 200mm wide single tank fryer or a 600mm wide twin tank fryer. Ensuring that your chosen product will deliver the maximum performance while utilising minimal floor space.

Our FriFri electric fryers offer superb temperature control capabilities, courtesy of a programmable touchpad control and a basket lift system, which delivers consistently excellent results time after time.

Like our free standing fryer range, each of the built in fryers offer optional gravity filtration capabilities. This can extend oil life up to 75%, resulting in the reduction of oil purchases and disposal costs. The integral filtration system enables oil to be filtered in as required, and permits the fryer to be ready for use again in less than 5 minutes. Oil can be filtered during or after service, even whilst hot, maximising overall oil life, and eliminates the need to lift heavy containers during busy operational periods. This helps reduce much of the need for human contact with hot oil, and also minimises the chances of accidental hazardous spillages.