Published on: August 2, 2023


TForum Café Bars, a chain of food outlets in South Yorkshire switched from using chargrills in its kitchens

The Solution

Lincat Opus series clam griddles

Opus Electric Counter-top Clam Griddle – Flat Upper Plate – W 800 mm – 17.2 kW

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Food types

Forum Café Bars, a chain of food outlets in South Yorkshire, has switched from using chargrills in its kitchens to Lincat Opus series clam griddles due to their speed, efficiency and ability to produce better-tasting burgers and steaks.

Since specifying the clam griddles in its kitchens, the group’s executive chef, Andy Burns, has seen significant improvements in efficiency and food quality across the group’s eight sites, which include café bars, gastropubs and American-style diners and smokehouses.

He said… “When cooking a burger on a clam griddle, it is cooked on both sides, with juices caramelising onto the patty to keep it succulent. If you were to use a traditional chargrill, these meat juices would be lost into the flames.”

“The clam griddles are helping to open up and support new menu options too. The most popular are our vegetable and chicken gochujang skewers. We also use them for flatbreads and gourmet toasted sandwiches, and our chefs have been using them with silicone mats to cook fish.”

“The technology behind the clam griddles has enabled us to make our kitchen more efficient. Digital timers mean our chefs can get on with other tasks, such as creating garnishes, without having to watch the clock to clean.”

We cook around 2,000 burgers a week, so speed is of the essence. Depending on size, we can have a burger ready in one-and-a-half minutes – a 6oz in two minutes. Chicken and steaks are cooked a lot quicker too.
Forum Bars Group Executive Chef, Andy Burns