Published on: August 2, 2023


The owners of Oak Cantina wanted to offer freshly cooked Mexican and Tex-Mex food during the summer months

The Solution

A Lincat Silverlink 600

“We served over 300 people on the launch day, and are delighted with the Lincat equipment in the Airstream. The four-burner range is excellent for all the pan work – the hob allows for multiple cooking and it has a very large and well-heated oven, especially considering the small space it had to fit into.​​​”

Oak Cantina Head Chef, Richard Simms:

The pair wanted to offer freshly cooked Mexican and Tex-Mex food during the summer months, and needed the right catering equipment to fit inside the iconic 1960s trailer.

David Pedrette, Managing Director at Target Catering Equipment, the company that converted the Airstream, explains why Silverlink and Seal were ideal.

“Installing a kitchen inside an Airstream was never going to be easy. We needed to use equipment powered by LPG bottled gas, and Lincat’s Silverlink 600 range was the perfect solution. It uses 0.5-inch gas supply, which uses minimal fuel, making it cost-effective. Being 600mm deep, it can also be squeezed in neatly under a smaller kitchen ventilation system.

“We wanted high quality, multi-discipline kit that could be used to cook a variety of street food. The modular Silverlink 600 range was ideal, and should Chris and Kate want to cater for other cuisines, it can be easily changed.

“We also chose to include both heated and refrigerated Lincat Seal display units. Food can be displayed well and kept in optimum condition, encouraging purchase.

“Aesthetically, the equipment had to complement the look of the trailer, whilst bringing something to the customer experience. Lincat equipment looks fantastic suits the space, and is competitively priced.”