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Lincat Images Seal Brands

Tempt customers to spend more with Seal displays and merchandisers

You can rely on the sturdy and durable Seal displays, merchandisers, cabinets and showcases to hold food in optimum conditions — at all times.

The clear and attractive designs not only aid cleaning and hygiene, but they also entice customers to spend more as you can tempt them with your already prepared meals and snacks.

Whether you’re looking for a front of house or back of house solution, and whatever the type of food, from hot meats, pizzas and pies, to cold sandwiches and yoghurts, you’ll find the perfect model for you in the Seal range.

Ideally suited for...

The Seal range is ideal for anyone who needs a method for holding food at the right temperature while tempting customers to spend more at the same time.


School and college canteens

Keep student meals and snacks in the optimum condition and encourage additional sales.



Perfect for showcasing and holding foods during breakfast as well as for other meals.


Sporting venues

Entice customers before, during and after the game with clear and well-designed displays of appetizing food.

Larger Cafe Bars


Keep baked goods and other foods in the perfect condition while tempting your customers to make additional purchases at the checkout.

The Seal range combines the functional - keeping food at the optimum temperature - with an attractive design that can entice customers to make additional purchases.

Benefits at a glance

  • Clear, attractive design
  • Reliable
  • Sturdy
  • Hygienic
  • Front and back service options