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Food waste typically represents around 40% of total commercial catering waste. It is difficult and costly to process and dispose of this efficiently.

Of this 40%, approximately 77% is liquid. WasteStation grinds the food waste into fine particles, which are fed directly into a built-in dewatering system, or for where space in the kitchen is limited, a remote dewatering system. Through centrifugal action, excess liquid is forced out.

The resulting solid fraction of the food waste is collected in small, easily managed, lidded bins, ready for onward processing.

Ideally suited for...

Making the management of food waste quick and easy.

High Productivity


Make the management of waste quick and easy - saving valuable staff time that can be spent serving customers.

Care Home

Care homes

Meet the best hygiene practices.



WasteStation can handle high volumes of waste quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.



With the WasteStation and WasteStation Compact, we have a waste solution whatever the size of your school.

WasteStation reduces the volume of food waste by up to 80% and the mass by up to 60%

Benefits at a glance

  • Waste removal savings - reduce waste collection costs by up to 80%
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Lower frequency of vehicles collecting your waste
  • Storage Savings - by reducing on site waste storage facility requirements
  • Labour Savings - reduce staff time processing and managing waste
  • Energy Savings - low operating costs and minimal use of kitchen floor space
  • Maximise kitchen hygiene
  • Increases quality of dry recycling due to less contamination from food