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SP peelers are amongst the fastest potato peelers on the market, helping you deliver through the busiest periods.

SP peelers make fresh potatoes as quick and easy to use as pre-prepared products. Their compact design ensures that even the 25kg model takes up a minimum amount of floor space. They are also safe and simple to use, and minimise staff labour.

Not only are these peelers the easiest and quickest to clean, they’re also built to last, with exceptional durability and outstanding reliability. With a choice of pedestal heights, capacities and outputs, there's an SP Peeler to suit your working environment. The thickly-gritted, non-rusting cast aluminium peeler plate is robust and offers a long service life. The hygienic brushed stainless steel finish is easy to wash, whilst the lid and peeling plate are quick and easy to remove for cleaning.

Ideally suited for...

Perfect for any kitchen, large or small, the SP range can produce high volumes of peeled potatoes for the busiest of outlets:

Fish And Chips

Fish and chip shops

Take the stress away from peak periods with an SP peeler - prepare high volumes of potatoes for chipping.

Fast Food

Fast food outlets

Where speed is crucial, accelerate your food preparation process with an SP potato peeler.


Pubs and restaurants

Keep up with demand at busy times with an SP peeler. Peel large quantities of potatoes in super quick time.

For high-speed peeling and high output, invest in a space-saving SP peeler.

Benefits at a glance

  • Able to peel high volumes of potatoes, fast
  • Compact footprint
  • Safe and simple to operate
  • Long-lasting, robust construction
  • Easy to maintain