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Save on waste collection costs, handling time and storage space with a Mini Compactor.

With a space-saving, compact design, our Mini Compactor range encourages recycling by providing a single, convenient unit to segregate and remove waste.

IMC's Mini Compactors are perfect for a wide range of operations, from small hotels and restaurants, to schools, hospitals, shops, factories and ships. They can handle recyclable plastics and food packaging, drinks cans, food tins, paper and card.

Mini Compactors help operations save on waste management time and cut collection costs. Payback is less than three months on direct savings and seven months on saved collection charges.

With a compact design, the unit can be integrated seamlessly under any counter. Its 6000Nm linear motor ensures energy efficiency and quiet operation.

To make the best use of space, the Mini Compactor’s unique compaction mechanisms allow storage of real world quantities of cans, tins, card, plastics and other packaging waste. The ‘Hypercrush' compaction operation provides the permanent compression of plastics and card.

Ideally suited for...

Manage your recyclable plastics and food packaging waste with one compact unit. Mini Compactors are suitable for:


Hotels and restaurants

Save valuable staff time and cut collection costs with a powerful waste compactor. Mini Compactors can help steamline your waste management processes.



Handle high volumes of waste quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with a waste compactor.



Boost your recycling efforts and become greener by compacting your waste. A Mini Compactor can help deliver cost savings and reduce staff labour.



Need to handle high volumes of waste from on-board retail and leisures outlets, and passengers? Let the Mini Compactor solve the problem - whilst saving you time and money.

Improve your waste management process with a Mini Compactor.

Benefits at a glance

  • One compact, stylish unit
  • Encourages recycling
  • Reduces costs, saves time
  • Unique compaction method
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient