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Versatile and available in a range of sizes, MF peelers produce perfectly-prepared vegetables.

Offering a great deal more than just vegetable peeling, our MF models are essential all-rounders for any commercial kitchen. Designed to peel a full load of potatoes or other vegetables in little more than a minute, these versatile, highly-efficient units free up time for other preparation tasks.

The MF Range is available with a wide range of plates, each designed to perform a different function.

Practical features include a viewing panel to monitor progress, an interlocking lid for safe operation and an adjustable timer for repeatable, consistent results. In addition to the standard long-life peeling plate, options include a knife plate to give a smoother look to potatoes and carrots, whilst onions and shallots have their own special plate and liners. There’s a washing plate for use with summer vegetables, as well as a plate for cleaning mussels and a salad spinning basket.

Ideally suited for...

The flexibility and efficiency of MF peelers make them a great workhorse for kitchens of all sizes.

Fish And Chips

Fish and chip shops

Want to save time on food preparation so you can serve more customers? A multi-functional MF peeler is the perfect partner for your kitchen.

Fast Food

Fast food outlets

Satisfy customers with speedy service. Accelerate your food preparation process with an MF peeler.


Pubs and restaurants

Keep customers happy with high-quality food and great service. Speed up food preparation time with an MF peeler.

Multi-functional and efficient, the MF range saves operators valuable time.

Benefits at a glance

  • Versatile
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Safe and simple to operate
  • Easily adjustable timer
  • Easy to maintain
  • Built to last