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Cut waste volumes by up to 80% with an IP Compactor.

Designed to compress all dry waste, including cardboard, tins, plastic and paper, our range of IP Compactors are tough, reliable and simple to use.

The IP waste compactor range has been developed to meet the needs of almost every application, from small hotels and restaurants to large schools, hospitals, shops, factories and ships. IP Compactors will give you a fast return on your investment, help you to improve hygiene standards and minimise the area needed for waste storage.

Manufactured from stainless steel, they are quick and easy to clean. Each incorporates proven electro-hydraulic technology to ensure that waste is compacted in seconds. Quiet, safe and energy efficient, IP Compactors operate from a standard 13 amp plug. 

Our units are compact, easy to use and mounted on heavy duty casters or deck feet, so they can be located wherever waste is produced. Waste is fed via a loading chute into an integral trolley, lined with a tough, sealable plastic bag. In the case of the larger model, it is fed directly into standard 240-litre wheeled bins. 

Ideally suited for...

Compress all dry waste in one compact unit. IP Compactors are suitable for:


Hotels and restaurants

Save valuable staff time and cut collection costs with a powerful waste compactor. IP Compactors can help steamline your waste management processes.



Handle high volumes of waste quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with a waste compactor.



Boost your recycling efforts and become greener by compacting your waste. IP Compactors can help deliver cost savings and reduce staff labour.



Need to handle high volumes of waste from on-board retail and leisure outlets, and passengers? Let our IP Compactor solve the problem - whilst saving you time and money.

Boost your recycling efforts with a an IP Compactor.

Benefits at a glance

  • Cut your waste volumes by up to 80%
  • Designed to compress all dry waste, including cardboard, tins, plastic and paper
  • Tough, reliable and simple to use
  • Quiet, safe and energy efficient
  • Avoid heavy lifting, models with trolley or bin to wheel to disposal point
  • Minimise the area needed for waste storage