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Vortech Fryers

High-efficiency gas fryer - unrivalled 97% energy efficiency rating saves you money and increases output The result of extensive research and development, the Vortech by Lincat heralds a new era in gas fryer technology. As energy prices continue to escalate, Vortech brings together a number of design innovations to deliver an unprecedented level of energy efficiency – efficiency that translates into unrivalled operating economy.

Normal fryers can only muster efficiency ratings as low as 50% - the minimum required by current European regulations.  Some ‘high-efficiency’ fryers achieve around 80%. But none can compare with the 97% energy efficiency offered by Vortech – verified in BSI tests.

This breakthrough in efficiency offers you a number of powerful benefits.

Vortech saves energy, significantly reducing your operating costs and your carbon footprint. Output is substantially higher. So much so, you may need fewer fryers to satisfy your customers’ demand for fried food – reducing your costs still further. And that’s not all. Vortech’s advanced temperature control system ensures that your fried foods are cooked to perfection, order after order, after order.


  • 97% energy efficiency and lower running costs from advanced design
  • Metallic–alloy mesh pre-mix gas burner
  • Residual heat recovery system
  • “Fuzzy logic” electronic temperature control
  • Unique burner design eliminates hot spots and ensures fast heat recovery for higher output 
  • Convenient electronic ignition
  • Unobstructed tank gives easy access for cleaning
  • Burner design eliminates the need for a cool zone, so saving on oil usage
  • Built-in oil filtration system extends the working life of oil
  • Accurate temperature control from 100oC to 190 oC for consistent results and maximum output.
  • Removable batter plates
  • Wide bore drain pipe for quick and easy draining



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