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Model Range Description H (mm) W (mm) D (mm) Power Fuel
DF4/N Silverlink 600 Fryer (Counter Top) Single tank 425 450 600 10.5 kW gas

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For shallow frying - oil depth approximately 30 mm. Suitable for doughnuts, small batches of breaded product, typically one layer deep of breaded mushrooms for example. Thermostatic control ensures accurate oil temperature control and consistently perfect results Safety features include top temperature cut-out to prevent overheating of oil and flame failure device Deep cool zone collects cooking debris - this gives cleaner cooking results and prolongs oil life, saving you money Convenient pilot flame operation with piezo ignition Heavy duty double nickel plated spun wire baskets, batter plates and stainless steel lids supplied as standard

Silverlink 600

Silverlink 600

Modular 600mm deep light-medium duty prime cooking equipment.

The Silverlink 600 range is extensive and includes gas and electric cooking equipment for both counter-top and free-standing use. All units are 600mm deep to make optimum use of available kitchen space. Width sizes extend from a compact 300mm up to 900mm, depending on the product type.

This modular design concept enables you to mix and match individual pieces of cooking appliances to create your ideal kitchen layout. Silverlink 600 catering equipment delivers quality and capacity. It’s also easy to clean, safe and simple to use.

The range comprises fryers, griddles, grills, induction, chargrills, pasta boilers, oven ranges, boiling tops, and bains marie.

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Product codes: N = Natural Gas P = Propane Gas Btu/hr = kW x 3412