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Pasta Boilers

Lincat pasta boilers are ideal for cooking pasta on any scale. Built to last, they feature corrosion resistant elements and boil dry protection. Floor-standing Opus 700 pasta boilers deliver high volume output and can be conveniently connected to water and waste

For added versatility, Opus 700 models can be used as pasta boilers, steamers or bains marie. For smaller operations, choose from the counter top models in our Silverlink 600 and Lynx 400 ranges. A choice of different sized perforated pasta baskets is available for all Lincat pasta boilers.

Click on a product from the table below to display a detailed specification and photograph.

Image Model Range Description H (mm) W (mm) D (mm) Power Fuel Add
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Lynx 400 Pasta Boiler 315 270 400 3 kW electric
OE8701 OE8701
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Opus 800 Pasta Boiler 1020 400 800 6 electric
PB33 PB33
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Silverlink 600 Pasta Boiler single tank - base unit 335 300 600 3 kW electric
PB66 PB66
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Silverlink 600 Pasta Boiler twin tank - base unit 335 600 600 3 kW x 2 electric
Product codes: N = Natural Gas P = Propane Gas Btu/hr = kW x 3412

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