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Cooking Equipment

High quality commercial cooking equipment for professional caterers

Our comprehensive range includes combi steamers, fryers, filtration fryers, high energy efficiency fryers, griddles, grills, chargrills, induction hobs, boiling tops, oven ranges, chip scuttles, pasta boilers, bains marie, kitchen furniture and various stands and worktops.

Atmospheric Steamers

Lincat's atmospheric steamers offer the perfect solution for volume production of healthy steamed food. Simple to use and with a generous capacity, these versatile steamers are ideal for cooking vegetables, puddings, rice, ham, fish and a host of other popular food products.

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Deliver the authentic taste and branded appearance of genuine chargrilled food without the need for messy lava rock. Our gas and electric chargrills are extremely powerful, designed for fast cooking and maximum output. Highly versatile, they all feature independently controlled heat zones. Lincat chargrills are supplied as counter top units but optional floor stands are also available.

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Chip Scuttles

We offer a wide selection of electric chip scuttles, ranging from light to heavy duty models. All are heated from below, whilst some are equipped with an overhead heated gantry. The perfect accompaniment to any fryer, a chip scuttle will keep your fried products crisp and fresh.

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Combi Steamers

The latest generation, Opus SelfCooking Center© 5 Senses ©, is easy to use and offers outstanding levels of efficiency. The Opus CombiMaster© Plus now incorporates ClimaPlus© control of humidity levels within the cooking cabinet and also has a programming function.

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Our large selection of commercial fryers extends across the Lynx 400, Silverlink 600 and Opus 700 ranges, from 13amp electric counter top fryers to heavy-duty, free standing twin tank fryers. With so many options available you are sure to find a commercial fryer to meet the needs of your catering establishment.

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A griddle is an essential item of equipment for any busy commercial kitchen. Lynx 400 electric griddles feature cast iron plates for excellent heat retention. Silverlink 600 and Opus 700 griddles give a powerful performance and offer the versatility of independently controlled cooking zones. Choose from three different cooking surfaces; steel, chrome or ribbed.

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Lincat convection ovens and base unit ovens are ideal for roasting and baking. Lincat Silverlink 600 electric ovens are designed to be used either on their own or to support a Lincat Silverlink 600 counter top unit. They can be conveniently plugged into a 13amp socket and some models are fan-assisted to provide even heat distribution and reduce cooking times.

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Pasta Boilers

Lincat pasta boilers are ideal for cooking pasta on any scale. Built to last, they feature corrosion resistant elements and boil dry protection. Floor-standing Opus 700 pasta boilers deliver high volume output and can be conveniently connected to water and waste

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Pizza Ovens

Lincat standard and premium ranges of pizza ovens are built to the highest specifications. The range includes single and twin deck pizza ovens - ideal for restaurants, pizzerias, takeaways, cafés and fast food outlets.

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Range Oven

Oven ranges feature at the heart of most commercial kitchens. We offer medium and heavy duty oven ranges, with a choice of gas, electric and dual fuel options. All feature large powerful ovens, with either open top hob burners, powerful hotplates, or full-width durable solid tops.

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Salamander Grills

Every commercial kitchen needs a salamander grill. Whether it’s for grilling sandwiches, fish or steaks, we have the perfect salamander for your kitchen. Gas and electric versions are available, with a broad range of accessories such as wall shelves, floor stands and branding plates.

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