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Chip Scuttles

We offer a wide selection of electric chip scuttles, ranging from light to heavy duty models. All are heated from below, whilst some are equipped with an overhead heated gantry. The perfect accompaniment to any fryer, a chip scuttle will keep your fried products crisp and fresh.

Click on a product from the table below to display a detailed specification and photograph.

Image Model Range Description H (mm) W (mm) D (mm) Power Fuel Add
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Silverlink 600 Chip Scuttle 265 450 600 0.5 kW electric
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Silverlink 600 Chip Scuttle With overhead gantry 645 450 600 1 kW electric
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Silverlink 600 Chip Scuttle 265 600 600 0.75 kW electric
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Lynx 400 Chip Scuttle 237 285 400 0.25 kW electric
OE8109 OE8109
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Opus 800 Chip Scuttle 400mm wide with gantry 700 400 800 1.5 electric
Product codes: N = Natural Gas P = Propane Gas Btu/hr = kW x 3412

New lines coming to the Opus 800 range, arriving January 1st! More details coming soon. pic.twitter.com/D2PJcu36iu

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