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Deliver the authentic taste and branded appearance of genuine chargrilled food without the need for messy lava rock. Our gas and electric chargrills are extremely powerful, designed for fast cooking and maximum output. Highly versatile, they all feature independently controlled heat zones. Lincat chargrills are supplied as counter top units but optional floor stands are also available.


Our powerful electric chargrills are designed for fast cooking and maximum output, whilst still delivering the authentic taste of chargrilled food. They are ideal for cooking steaks and burgers. A water bath provides humidity to keep food succulent and reduce shrinkage.

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Our gas chargrills feature specially profiled heat transfer channels to ensure consistent performance whilst eliminating the need for messy lava rock.

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Spotted! Lincat Seal display unit in a cafe in the Highlands pic.twitter.com/aDWjTn0Nnk

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