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Model Range Description H (mm) W (mm) D (mm) Power Fuel
LDBM2 Accessories & Options Bain marie adaptor including GN dishes and lids For LD2 models

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Accessories & Options

Accessories & Options

An array of accessories and options to help tailor Lincat catering equipment to your precise requirements.

Accessories for the Opus Combis Steamer range are grouped together under the heading “Accessory – Opus Combi Steamers”.
Options for the Opus Combi Steamer range – which generally need to be factory-fitted – appear under “Option – Opus Combi Steamers”.
Accessories for the Seal range of counter top food merchandisers appear under the heading “Accessory – Seal”.
Accessories for Panther hotcupboards appear under “Accessory – Panther”.
All other accessories can be found under “Accessory – other”.

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