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Pie Cabinets

Seal pie cabinets hold pre-heated food at the required temperature. These versatile units provide an economical way to display hot pies and pasties. The LPW/LR includes a water reservoir to keep food in perfect condition for longer, with illumination to enhance food presentation.

Click on a product from the table below to display a detailed specification and photograph.

Image Model Range Description H (mm) W (mm) D (mm) Power Fuel Add
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Seal Pie Cabinet 520 710 330 750 W electric
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Seal Pie Cabinet With light and water reservoir 5201 710 330 800 W electric
Product codes: N = Natural Gas P = Propane Gas Btu/hr = kW x 3412

6 x Chilled 4oz burgers cooked in 75 seconds on the Lincat Opus 800 Clam Griddle, with ribbed plate. SD/PH pic.twitter.com/kw9ZRtybDw

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