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Lynx 400

Counter-top, plug-in electric cooking equipment

Lynx 400 cooking appliances are convenient counter-top electric units, which operate at 3kW or less. This means you can simply plug in and start cooking. Light cooking equipment which offers value for money, and makes the maximum use of limited kitchen space.

Lynx 400 includes fryers, boiling tops, griddles, Panini grills, infra-red grills, bains marie, a chip scuttle, convection oven, pizza oven, and a pasta boiler.

Bains Marie

When the pressure’s really on, Lynx 400 bains marie can help you to hold it together! Perfect for safely holding sauces, soups, gravy and pre-cooked foods for up to two hours at serving temperature, Lynx 400 bains marie are remarkably versatile

Find out more about Bains Marie

Boiling Tops

Stylish Lynx 400 boiling tops are designed to assure clean, safe, economical boiling and simmering. Located on a typical 900mm worktop, their stylish low-profile design gives you the perfect working height.

Find out more about Boiling Tops

Chip Scuttles

Maintain that ‘fresh from the fryer’ taste and texture with the Lynx 400 chip scuttle. It will hold chips and other fried products at perfect serving temperature and condition for up to 20 minutes.

Find out more about Chip Scuttles

Contact Grills

When you need to cook it fast without compromising quality, Lynx 400 contact grills won't let you down. Perfectly balanced, with a 1kW element in the upper plate and 1.25kW element in the lower plate, they cook steaks, burgers, toasted sandwiches, specialist breads and more to perfection, with no need for turning.

Find out more about Contact Grills

Convection Ovens

Limited kitchen space needn’t mean a limited choice of hot food for your customers! Ideal for pubs, leisure clubs and cafés, the Lynx 400 convection oven enables you to offer hot pies, pastries, pizzas and much more.

Find out more about Convection Ovens


Lynx 400 griddles are a winning combination of power, versatility and ease of use. Their stylish, compact, low-profile design fits in perfectly where counter space is limited and gives a comfortable working height on a typical 900mm high worktop.

Find out more about Griddles

Panini Grills

When you need to cook it fast without compromising quality, Lynx 400 panini grills won't let you down. Perfectly balanced, with a 1kW element in the upper plate and 1.25kW element in the lower plate.

Find out more about Panini Grills

Pasta Boilers

For pasta perfection, look no further than the Lynx 400 pasta boiler. Compact and versatile, it is brimming with good ideas to make your life easier. The Lynx 400 pasta boiler is certainly built to last. Its tank and basket support plate is manufactured in high quality, grade 304 stainless steel, whilst corrosion-resistant elements and boil dry protection ensure long service life.

Find out more about Pasta Boilers

Pizza Ovens

Give your customers a deliciously authentic taste of Italy with the Lynx 400 pizza oven. Incorporating the best of British engineering, the Lynx 400 pizza oven features highly efficient upper and lower elements, thermostatic control and a mechanical ring timer. This oven is big on power too, generating temperatures of up to 300°C for rapid cooking and crisp bases.

Find out more about Pizza Ovens

Salamander Grills

Ideal for grilling a wide variety of food products including steaks, burgers, chops, cutlets and much more besides, the Lynx 400 salamander grill is a great all-rounder. Featuring a powerful and robust tubular steel element, it’s even heat distribution assures maximum output.

Find out more about Salamander Grills

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