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PANTHER Hot Cupboards

Panther hot cupboards are not only designed to provide outstanding functionality and flexibility, they are manufactured to the highest specifications. Robust, hygienic, and highly energy-efficient, Panther hot cupboards are the professionals’ choice.

Both 800 and 670 Series feature

  • A choice of bain marie or plain top models
  • A choice of static and mobile versions
  • Fully 1/1 GN compatible hot cupboard
  • Fan assisted hot cupboard for even heat distribution
  • Digital thermostatic control
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Optional accessories include single, two and three tier overshelves either ambient or heated, and gantries with sneeze screen also supplied as ambient or heated.
800 Series
670 Series
Light Duty Series

800 Series

  • Can accommodate between three and six 1/1GN containers
  • Standard or pass through models

670 Series

  • Can accommodate between two and five 1/1GN containers
  • At 670mm wide are designed to fit through narrow doorways
  • Options include a choice of four colour panels

Light Duty Series

  • Compact, space saving design
  • Ideal for warming plates and for holding food safely and effectively at desired temperatures
  • Adjustable thermostatic control to meet food safety regulations

Spotted! Lincat Seal display unit in a cafe in the Highlands pic.twitter.com/aDWjTn0Nnk

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