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Lincat unveils new budget FilterFlow water boilers

Lincat has added three automatic water boilers to its FilterFlow range. Manufactured to a high standard here in the UK, the new, wall-mounted MF models provide a range of features at a competitive price.

Available in 3, 5 and 7.5-litre sizes, the M3F, M5F, M7F water boilers are connected to mains water supply and deliver instant, continuous, high-quality boiling water around the clock. Each compact model has a built-in water filtration system, complete with FilterFlow’s popular high-volume cartridge that is easy to change.

For ease of installation, the boilers come with a UK 3 pin plug and are fixed to the wall with just three screws, meaning they can be installed without the need for an electrician.

Water temperature can be adjusted for different drinks (from 70°C to 96°C) and monitored using FilterFlow’s precise electronic temperature control system. Insulated tanks ensure energy is conserved, whilst maintenance is made simple with an LCD information panel and enhanced multi-level diagnostics.

Helen Applewhite, Marketing Manager at Lincat, commented:

“Often operators look to overseas manufacturers for budget catering equipment, which is why we wanted to create a robust, British-engineered quality water boiler at a competitive price. Our team has done just that with the development of the MF range, which combines FilterFlow’s most popular, must-have features with UK manufacturing. Initial interest in the MF range has been strong and we’re confident it will be a success.”

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