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Lincat slashes prices on many product lines

UK catering equipment manufacturer Lincat has reduced prices on more than 170 product lines, with immediate effect, as part of its 2013 price review.

The reductions cover many products in the Opus 700 range of heavy-duty cooking equipment, including the OE7114 electric fryer, down 17.6% and the OG7401 energy-efficient gas chargrill, down 9%. Also reduced are Lynx 400 fryers, stainless steel trolleys, pizza ovens and some Silverlink 600 lines.

Lincat has slashed the prices of many glass and stainless steel accessories for the Seal food display bars and food preparation bars.

Prices have been frozen on more than 280 other product lines, including the entire ranges of Panther Hot Cupboards and Opus Combi Steamers.

Cost increases have forced a rise in the price of some products, but these will not come into effect until 1 January 2013, and have been restricted in many cases to no more than 1.5%.

Lincat marketing director Nick McDonald said: “Large price increases will constrain business growth, so we have worked hard to improve manufacturing efficiencies in order to offer the best possible prices on many of our most popular product lines. And rather than delay the benefit of these price reductions we’ve decided to implement them immediately.”

Price lists have been distributed to dealers and are available to download from the brochure page at www.lincat.co.uk. For a physical copy of the list, dealers can contact Lincat on 01522 875500 or email sales@lincat.co.uk.

Lincat Ltd manufactures one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of catering equipment. Products are sold in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors. Lincat Ltd is a member company of the Middleby Corporation. 

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