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Lincat launches next generation of Opus Combi Steamers

Lincat has launched a new range of Opus Combi Steamers. The models fall into two product groups: the Opus SelfCooking Center whitefficiency which is set to help caterers achieve ever greater levels of efficiency and the Opus CombiMaster Plus, which brings a new level of sophistication to the manual combi, with the inclusion of ClimaPlus Control and a programming function.

Lincat’s Opus SelfCooking Center whitefficiency combis offer four key functions to change the way kitchens operate and deliver competition beating improvements in efficiency. SelfCookingControl brings powerful ‘smart’ touch screen technology to cooking. This enables operators, whether roasting, baking, poaching, grilling or pan frying, simply to select the type of food to be cooked. The Opus SelfCooking Center whitefficiency then takes over, setting the appropriate cooking mode, temperature, time and humidity levels. This not only frees up time for more creative tasks, but also ensures perfect, repeatable results whoever is doing the cooking – a critical advantage for kitchens of all sizes.

HiDensityControl ensures that heat and humidity are delivered evenly to every part of the cooking cabinet. This means that users can expect perfect results irrespective of batch size.  Every part of every grid can be used to provide up to 30% more capacity than conventional combi steamers. Efficient LevelControl automatically monitors the cooking of mixed loads to simplify the cooking management of à la carte service and banqueting operations. At the end of the session, the CareControl self cleaning works out when and how deeply the unit needs to be cleaned, saving time and minimising the use of energy and detergents.

“There is huge pressure on every commercial caterer to improve efficiency – to produce more, to work faster and to waste less … the list goes on”, said Nick McDonald, Marketing Director of Lincat Ltd. “The good news is that our new combi steamers and, in particular the Opus SelfCooking Center whitefficiency, are both extremely easy to use and can make a significant contribution on each count.”

Featuring the same rugged construction, steam generator, dynamic air mixing, active dehumidification and rapid cool-down function as the Opus SelfCooking Center® whitefficiency® models, Lincat’s new Opus CombiMaster® Plus models offer outstanding performance and value for money. They set a new standard for manual combis by offering a programming function and ClimaPlus control of the cooking climate – so that the humidity level can be assured.

There are six new Opus SelfCooking Center® whitefficiency® and six Opus CombiMaster® Plus models to choose from. These range in size from 6 x 1/1GN to 20 x 2/1 GN with a choice of gas or electric models. Lincat Opus Combi Steamers are supplied with the added benefit of a full two-year on site parts and labour warranty, and one day of free on site training with every Opus SelfCooking Center® whitefficiency®.

Lincat Ltd manufactures one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of catering equipment and water boilers. Products are sold in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors. Lincat Ltd is a member company of the Middleby Corporation.

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