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Lincat introduces Silverlink 600 improvements

Lincat, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of commercial catering equipment, has improved the design of the electric fryers, chargrills and pasta boilers in its market-leading Silverlink 600 range of modular catering equipment.

All Silverlink 600 electric fryers, chargrills and pasta boilers have controls set into the front fascia for operational convenience and safety. This reduces the risk of injury by eliminating the need to reach across the tank or cooking area.

At the same time, a hinging mechanism enables the heating element to be lifted out of the way to facilitate cleaning. In the new models this has been redesigned to enable the unit’s thermostat to be replaced, should the need arise, in under ten minutes.

“Our products are built to last and have an enviable track record of providing many years of faultless service”, said Nick McDonald, Marketing Director of Lincat Ltd. “That said, if a thermostat does need to be replaced, the changes we’ve made to the design of the lifting mechanism will facilitate that process.”

The new, improved design relates to the 13 electric counter top and floor-standing fryers in Lincat’s Silverlink 600 range of modular catering equipment, from the countertop 3kW DF33 single-tank fryer to the J18 free-standing 2 x 9kW twin-tank fryer. It also applies to the two electric chargrills and two pasta boilers in the Silverlink 600 range. These new models are offered at the same price as their predecessors.

In addition to fryers, chargrills and pasta boilers, Lincat's Silverlink 600 range includes: chip scuttles, griddles, grills, salamanders, ranges and ovens, as well as boiling tops, bains marie, work tops, and an extensive range of matching stands and pedestals. Fast delivery and unrivalled customer support are provided through a nationwide dealer network.

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