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Lincat introduces new FilterFlow water boiler with metered dispense

Lincat, the UK’s leading manufacturer of commercial catering equipment, has added a new boiler with metered dispense to its market-leading range of FilterFlow water boilers.

The new model, the EB3F/PBM, can easily be programmed by the user to dispense up to three different, precise quantities of premium quality, filtered water to suit the needs of their business.

“A variant of the popular EB3 automatic water boiler, with built in filtration, our new boiler is ideal for busy establishments. Operators can simply push the button and release to deliver exactly the right quantity of premium-quality hot water, enabling them to get on with another task,” said Nick McDonald, Managing Director. “Also, its sleek design, ease of use and inherent safety make it ideal for self-service.”

In terms of overall size and capacity, the new EB3F/PBM, is exactly the same as the EB3F/PB. That is to say that it can produce 31 litres piping hot, filtered water per hour, with a nine-litre rapid draw-off capacity, providing the ability to cope during peak periods. It is easy to program, using simple on-screen instructions and, if the wrong fill level is selected, the flow can be switched off by pressing the button a second time. The new boiler can be installed on the counter, or wall mounted.

There are now eight FilterFlow models in the Lincat range and each features comprehensive onboard diagnostics, with an easy-to-read LCD panel. This shows the operational status of the boiler and reminds users when to order a new filter and when exactly to change it. The filter cartridge is as easy to change as a light bulb, with no need to disconnect the water supply or seek the help of a service engineer or plumber. All FilterFlow water boilers are highly energy efficient and cheaper to use than a kettle. Each is covered by Lincat’s comprehensive, two-year, on-site parts and labour warranty.

Lincat Ltd manufactures one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of catering equipment. Products are sold in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors. It is a member company of the Middleby Corporation.

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