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Lincat improves performance and energy efficiency of Seal refrigerated display units

Lincat has redesigned its refrigerated food display merchandisers, food display showcases and pizza preparation station to boost their performance, improve their energy efficiency and make them easier to service. The changes have been made as part of Lincat’s continual programme of product improvement.

“One of the advantages of buying from Lincat is that we have a large and dedicated in house team of product designers, whose focus is not just to develop new products but to look carefully at how we can improve the performance of old favourites”, explained Nick McDonald, Managing Director of Lincat. “And if we can find ways to improve them, we introduce those changes quickly and offer them to our customers at no extra charge.”

Many of the changes are designed to improve energy efficiency and thereby reduce running costs. These include the introduction of higher specification lighting which, in addition to reducing both heat input into the cabinet and power consumption, improves the presentation of food. Other changes include design adaptations to make the units even more robust, as well as to facilitate service and repair. The latter will help to cut costs by ensuring that all serviceable parts can be replaced quickly and, wherever possible, without having to lift the unit.

Each of the refrigerated display merchandisers in the 90-strong Seal range has been rigorously tested in purpose-built temperature and humidity controlled facilities, to ensure that users achieve the highest standards of food safety. For example all sizes of merchandisers in the 650, 500 & 350mm deep ranges, whether back or self-service, will hold food at 3-7oC, in ambient conditions of up to 32oC and 70% relative humidity. This performance fulfils the requirements of ISO 23953, class 3M1.

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