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Lincat expands range of energy efficient, table- top induction hobs

Lincat has added two new energy efficient induction hobs, the IH3 single cooking zone and IH42 four cooking zone, to its portable, table-top range. The new induction hobs have been developed in response to the popularity and success of the IH21 two cooking zone model, which was launched in 2011.

All three can help operators to reduce operating costs and maintain a more comfortable kitchen temperature, while delivering a highly responsive and controllable cooking method with a range of convenient features. They are equipped with 13amp plugs (two in the case of the IH42) so that they can be moved to where they are needed, plugged in and switched on. Their slim profile and sleek design make them ideal for theatre-style cooking.

The Lincat induction hobs typically offer 90% efficiency, as compared with a solid electric hotplate at 55% and a gas hob at 50%. Because heat is generated in the pan, instead of the hob surface, very little energy is wasted into the kitchen’s atmosphere, which makes the cooking process more efficient and reduces demand on air conditioning systems. At the same time, they deliver rapid heat-up and almost twice the cooking power of a similarly rated gas hob.

“Ideal for warming soups, making sauces, or rapidly boiling large pans of vegetables or pasta, our new table-top induction hobs will help businesses to reduce energy consumption, cut costs and increase safety in the kitchen”, said Helen Applewhite, Lincat’s Marketing Manager.

The new table-top induction hobs are manufactured at Lincat’s factory in Lincoln from heavy duty components, including 6mm thick, high impact-resistant Schott Ceran® glass ceramic surfaces. These are hard-wearing and easy to clean, particularly as the induction process keeps the surface relatively cool.

An automatic heat up function, which switches to a pre-set lower level for simmering, helps to save energy.  So does a pan detection function which switches the power off when the pan is removed from the hob. Other features include easy to use rotary controls with LED display, an easy-to-change filter and a powerful internal cooling fan with overheat protection.

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