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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lincat catering equipment - most frequently asked questions.

General Questions

Can I buy items direct from Lincat?

In the private sector, Lincat products are sold exclusively through a wide network of catering equipment dealers. To find your local distributor then please visit the Where to buy section. Public sector organisations may purchase directly.

How do I apply to be a dealer for Lincat?

If you wish to become a dealer in the UK, please contact the Sales Department on 01522 875500 or email sales@lincat.co.uk with details of your company and a contact name and telephone number. We shall arrange for your Regional Sales Manager to get in contact to discuss things further. Enquiries from overseas companies should be directed to our Export Sales Department on +44-1522-503250, or by email to export@lincat.co.uk.

How can I get spare parts for a Lincat product?

You can purchase spares direct from us. Please contact our Spares Department on 01522 875510 or email spares@lincat.co.uk.

Where can I find my local distributor?

Please go to the Where to buy section of the website and enter your postcode to find your nearest distributors.

What are your opening hours?

The Lincat office and telephone lines are open from 8:30am to 5:15pm Monday to Friday.

What is the warranty on my Lincat equipment?

All products sold in the UK and Ireland from 1st June 2013 are covered by a two-year on site parts and labour warranty.

The only exceptions to our warranty terms are consumable items such as door seals, filters, bulbs, glass and LTX toaster elements, and failure due to customer misuse or a lack of maintenance. Spare parts are covered for 90 days.

My item has been delivered damaged, what should I do?

Our claim period is 24 hours. If an item has been received damaged you must contact us within 24 hours on 01522 875500 or email sales@lincat.co.uk to discuss further.

Do you supply your products outside the UK?

Yes, Lincat supplies professional kitchen equipment to over 50 countries worldwide. Our export sales team can advise customers on technical and practical. Please contact the export team on (+44) 01522 503250 or email export@lincat.co.uk.

I want to buy a new Panther hot cupboard, what are the previous equivalent codes of the new models?

Please click this link to see the equivalent previous Panther codes.

I have seen the brand "FriFri". Is this part of Lincat?

Yes, FriFri is a brand of high specification fryers.  The brand originated in Switzerland and was transferred to Lincat from our Italian sister company, Giga, in 2012.

Where can I download brochures and user instructions?

Navigate to your chosen product and click the link to download a brochure, user manual, or spec sheet.

Service Related Questions

How do I change the filter on my FilterFlow water boiler?

After buying a new filter (part code FC02) from Lincat, simply twist the used filter 90 degrees to the left and carefully lower from the unit. Insert the new filter into the recess and twist to the right to lock into place. Now press and hold the “Fn” button for approx. 5 - 10 seconds to reset the filter life monitor.

If you would like to speak to someone in our Service department please call 01522 875520. 

The green neon is on but the fryer won't heat when I turn the temperature dial?

Check your manual for the location of the high limit thermostat reset button. If it clicks when you press it, you have reset it. If it doesn't click, it hasn't tripped, so contact Lincat Service for advice and/or assistance. An illuminated green neon indicates you have power to the fryer. When the amber neon lights the fryer is heating. Having reset the fryer, the amber light should now be illuminated.

Can I run my J6 fryer off a 13 amp plug and socket?

No. The J6 is a 6 kilowatt (6kW) fryer and needs to installed by a competent installer. It cannot run at 3kW to suit the available supply. Be sure you have the power available before committing to high-powered appliances. You may wish to consider a 3kW model such as our DF33.

I have moved abroad and taken my gas equipment with me. Can you help me get it installed and commissioned?

Unfortunately not. Gas equipment purchased in the UK is approved only for the UK and Ireland. Export models are available for specific markets and further information can be obtained from the Lincat Export team.

Can my Lincat gas product can be converted from one gas type to another?

Models from the Opus 700 range, and the LMR9, LMD and LMO units can be converted between Natural and Propane gas. However, Silverlink 600 gas products cannot be converted.

Spares Related Questions

I have received my spare parts but not my invoice, where is it?

The invoice follows the spare parts in the post, usually 3-5 working days afterwards. The document issued with the parts is a dispatch note, not an invoice.

How long is the warranty on a spare part bought from Lincat?

All spare parts carry a 90 day warranty from date of purchase, excluding glass items.

I have a spare part which I no longer require, can I return it to Lincat?

Yes. Providing the item is still in warranty it can be returned to us. Please note, however, that a 15% restocking charge will apply. Please contact our Spares Department on 01522-875510 for a Returns Number before posting the item.

How much is postage and packaging on spare parts?

We offer a number of options for the delivery of spare parts. Charges are per order and not per item, so consider buying additional items to save money on delivery charges. This is particularly worth considering when purchasing replacement FilterFlow cartridges. The various options are:

  • 2 - 3 day delivery via Royal Mail - £7.50
  • Overnight delivery via courier - £12.50
  • Overnight pre 12 noon delivery via courier - £22.50
  • Overnight pre 10am delivery via courier - £26.50
  • Saturday a.m. delivery - £44.00

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